Friday, December 17, 2010

First post, changes and whatnot!

I have changed from somebody that had little to no experience with tech stuff, besides knowing how to fix minor internal problems, to somebody that knows what they are doing. I have also gained the ability to work much faster and with much more work without freaking out and not being able to do the stuff. Everything that has happened this year has changed me in some way, in either minor or major ways. I have also learned that I am a man of very little words, and that, apparently, is not good. I have also learned how to cope with what everyone else wants to do or say, but without letting them walk all over me. There are many more things that either have changed, or are very likely to change, that I do not know about.
My piece that I am the most proud of would probably be the Campaign Ad. The campaign ad is the best work (in my opinion) that I have done this year. I am proud of it because I worked on it and was able to finish it (somewhat) quickly, and it still looked good. Usually, if something like this happened, it would look really bad, or just wasn’t as good as other’s projects. Anything that has happened this year makes me proud, too, though.
My favourite thing that has been done this year, so far, has been the website part of it all. One passive assignment last year was to make a website about books, and it didn’t go all too well, nor was it fun. This website, though, actually makes a difference to ours and our peers’ learning, and it is fun to be working on/with. I really like having to do this kind of thing.
The most challenging thing about this year would be the DLC. This is good, because gifted kids DO need to be challenged and regular honors or gifted classes may not be able to offer this kind of difficulty, which makes everything better for us, and our learning ability.
For the 2nd semester, I hope that I am able to do more things better than I have this year. Also, I hope that we are able to make bigger things this year, such as actually making a movie, or something of that nature. It would be REALLY good to do so! It would push our creativity to the max of where it ends, and possibly beyond.